Rundownmarine was birthed a few years back when I decided to write about my experiences in the Marines Corps. After writing about that for a few years I realized that there was more than just the Marine Corps I wanted to write about. I had many experiences in a wide variety of places, and in this blog that is what you will see. I like to think that one should mainly talk about things he or she either has experienced or has gone to school for.   So some of my experiences are growing up in the inner city, growing up fatherless, growing up with a single mother, going through the public school system in inner city North Philadelphia, leaving Philadelphia for the Marine Corps, War (its effects), life after the Marine Corps, God saving my life, serving in the mental health field, living with PTSD, being a mentor to inner city youth, my time as a youth ministry director, and etcetera. This is a short list but it gives you an idea of some of the things I hope to cover in my blog, which is really my LIFE

The name Rundown is how I felt after being discharged from the Marines Corps with an OTH discharge after having served in the infantry fours years, and having been deployed to Iraq twice between 2006-08.  So that’s where the name comes from. I felt rundown, used up, and then tossed to the side if that makes any sense. I have no regrets though.

A little about me:

My name is Miguel Omar Rodriguez. I was born in Puerto Rico (Southeast part of the island) but I was raised in the Kensington area of North Philadelphia. I live there today. I came to know the Lord in September of 2010. (Everything that I am, and everything that I have I credit to Him.) Two years later I married the love of my life, and a year after that we had our son. Now a man couldn’t ask for more but God decided that I needed a little girl as well. So January 2018 He blessed me with my baby girl, and I couldn’t be happier. They are my life. I am writing in a way for them.

We have a dog and a cat, and my wife has talked me into being an animal lover. We are foster parents, and have even adopted, and lost a number of fury friends. We are passionate about loving on those around us, and we try our best to be ideal model citizens.

So thank you for stopping by, please come again.

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